About Me (AtHeartEngineer)

Everything is a work in progress




AtHeartEngineer pretty much everywhere on the internet.

The Name

I chose the username "AtHeartEngineer" not because I consider myself an authority on the subject, or that I have any title of "engineer", I'm self taught and don't proclaim to know the right way to do a lot of things. I chose my psuedonym because it is how I think. I've always been curious of how things work, how they are built, and how they are designed.

This site

This is a mdbook site that I've themed. I started out with gatsby, but it was just a mess, the code wasn't clean, the process wasn't clean, and it was too much for just getting words out into the world.

It is a staticly generated, which autobuilds using github's actions and then deploys to google cloud hosting.


(In no particular order)

  • Use this site as a homebase for my adventures on the internet
  • Pursue my 1000 hobbies even more
    • Software Development
      • Fullstack
      • Decentralized
      • ML
      • Embedded
    • Design
      • Graphic Design (particularly video and/or 3D)
      • Circuit Board Design
      • Audio (background music for youtube videos?)
    • Manufacturing
      • 3D Printing (FDM & SLA)
      • CNC (3-axis router)
      • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Create youtube videos
    • about hobbies
    • teaching stuff I'm interested in
    • for fun
    • an excuse to play with software like after effects & blender
  • Profit?